SPOC Basketball Club Report, June 2019

Posted 17 JUN 2019
SPOC Sport

Image: SPOC Basketball training Tuesday 4 June 2019 in the Burchnall Sports Centre. Back row (L to R): Toby Barnes, Luke Dow, Nathan Adcock, Sam Martin, Jared Vandersluys, Andrew Gibbons, Michael Iles, Alistair McMillan, Jack Weir, Ben Bishop, Jasper Williams, Michael Nicholson, Zane Walker. Lachlan Brunnthaler- Lokan

Front row (L to R): Hugh Madigan, Mitch Heynen, Gavin Toyama, Geordie Muller, Richard Hancock, James Whitehead, Alexander Adams, Harrison Kolpak, Tyler McGregor, Matthew Doran

Our first training for the winter 2019 season on Tuesday April 2nd was amazing with 33 in attendance including an influx of new players. We have now had 9 training sessions – lowest 28 in attendance – highest 41 in attendance (average 33). The atmosphere and team spirit are awesome. We have a record number of 65 registered players Including 26 new faces (12 from the 2018 school leavers).

At first, we registered 6 teams in the new SAABL Competition. Due to the continuing increase in regular training numbers, I tried to add one more team a week before the games started with no luck, however SA Church league were happy to accept our extra team so now we have 7 teams playing each Saturday. After four rounds, our Div 1 SAABL A teams are top 5/5 & 3rd 3/5

Div. 2 B team is 3rd 3/5

Div. 3 C team is 11th 1/5

Div. 3 D team is 3rd 3/5

Div.  3 E team Is 9th 1/5

Our SA church Div. 2 F team is top 5/6

The two pub nights at The Maid Hotel have both been a great success! At this stage the sky’s the limit for this group.

Upcoming event – SPOC vs PAOC Intercollegiate Basketball Match

Monday 22 July – Old Scholars Week battles with PAOC at PAC

C team 6:30pm / B team 7:30pm / A team 8:30pm

We usually get about 100 supporters to these epic games so put the date in your diary and join us. The more support the better for our players!!

William Strangways (HWK 1957)