Intercol Tennis Report

Posted 28 MAR 2022
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It was a perfect night for the rescheduled 2022 Intercol Tennis Competition held at the Kensington Garden Lawn Tennis Club on Wednesday 9 March.


Jonny Silcock (YNG 1981) gathered and briefed the teams. 2022 SPOC team was made up of players Dom Marafioti, Jeremy Hill, Ryan Obst, Jasper Benson, Harrison Nienaber, Sam Valkonen, Nick Masterman, Toby Langley, Alex Lam, Nick Grieve, Charlie Higgins and Harry Vincent.



Unfortunately, the Old Reds were far too good for the Blues with the results as follows:

SPOC –  2 Rubbers  –  6 Sets  –  94 Games

PAOC – 10 Rubbers – 21 Sets – 154 Games

Thanks to all of you who came out to represent SPOC and thanks to Jon Silcock and David Olgivie (S&A 2010) for convening.

There’s always next year!