Intercol Bowls Match report

Posted 25 MAR 2021
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A damp forecast didn’t deter players at the Adelaide Bowling Club for the Old Scholars Intercollegiate Bowls Match on Thursday February 8th, 2021. We were playing for the H.E. Lucy Shield.

Both SPOC & PAOC fielded full teams and it was clear from the outset that the Reds were seeking redemption after a lacklustre performance last year.

A confident PAOC Convenor, John Morris, welcomed everyone. It was their turn to host the annual competition, its origin dating back to 1928. John was ably supported by Mary-Ann Standish, while Greg Twelftree (ATH 1968) and Annie Bawden played the blue cards.

The draw was completed, the clouds looked ominous, the 64 players strode onto the immaculately prepared greens and it was game on!

From the outset, games looked even. In fact, of the individual games played, just one match would finish beyond a three-shot margin.

Rob Natt’s (SCH 1968) rink, also consisting of Nick Davies (DAC 2003), Philip Davies (W&A 1967) and John Hodgetts (SHT 1967) scored by 15 shots. A fantastic effort.

The overall final tally was a 16 shot win by SPOC. Emotional scenes followed. It was the first time our boys had scored three wins in a row in the 93 years of competition. Such an incredible effort, considering a large proportion of our team are not regular pennant bowlers. Guys, I am very proud of you all. Your strength is in your absolute resilience and ability to hang in there against the odds.

I skippered a team as follows: Ken Bruce (HWK 1982), Craig Phillips (DAC 1981) & Andrew Proudman (WDK 1981). From the very first end, it was clear your skipper was not getting any close bowls. Undeterred, you took it right up to the Mallee boys! Somehow, we came out of it with a one-shot win!

The ever-reliable Facy rink including Nigel (WDK 1993), Sam (YNG 1988), Alec (WDK 1953) and Peter Facy (WDK 1954) had a seesawing battle before going down by a single shot. I marvel at their tenacity.

Richard Vincent (HWK 1959), Dudley Hill (FLL 1959), John Scales (HWK 1955) and Rob Corpe (DAC 1960) looked dead in the water after the sixth end, down 10 shots to 1. Rob rallied his men & they won the last four ends to force a draw.

The rink of David Myers (SCH 1989), Mark Walker (MAC 1988), Hamish Mill (DAC 1988) & Greg Nicholls (YNG 1988) also started slowly. They were down 11 shots to 3 after 5 ends! The next 7 ends were all blue & they ran out 3 shot winners.

Stephen Peake (WDK 1962), Karl Kirsten (YNG 1992), Robert Field (HWD 1964) & Ken Warmington (W&A 1954) were not faring much better. Starting the 11th end, they were down by 7 shots. They won the last four to win by 1 shot.

Tom Rozenbilds (MAC 1989), Mark Robinson (DAC 1984), James Gray (DAC 1988) and Tom Gray (DAC 1984) fought an epic battle. All square on the last end and a red bowl rolled in for shot.

John Dunn’s (SCH 1967) team, Bill Bradshaw (HWD 1974), Richard Brown (DAC 1979) and Henry Krichauff (DAC 1952) were gallant but suffered a two-shot loss.

I congratulate everyone who took part on this auspicious night. Your commitment to the SPOC ethos and its relevance, highlights an unwavering strength and commitment.

Annie Bawden truly is the doyenne of events and administration management. Thank you Annie, your organisational skills are superb.

Stay safe and we look towards 2022!

Greg Twelftree (ATH 1968)
SPOC Bowls Convenor

Image: SPOC Convenor, Greg Twelftree (ATH 1968) with PAOC Convenor, John Morris