Intercol Badminton Match report

Posted 16 DEC 2021
SPOC Sport

The 2021 SPOC vs PAOC Intercollegiate Badminton Match took place on the 28th of October 2021. We are extremely grateful that PAOC hosted the event, despite having to postpone it due COVID-19 restriction earlier on in the year.

The match started with doubles, Isaiah and Kieren played at number 1, Austen and Ryan number 2 and Anson and Henry at number 3. Our number 3 pair manage to win their match in straight sets while our number 1 pair manage to secure victory in a nail biting 3 set decider. Unfortunately, our number 2 doubles were not able to pick up any sets and lost a well fought battle.

Coming into singles with an advantage took the pressure off the team. Overall victory was achieved in our first three seedings, Ryan at number 1, Austen at number 2 and Anson at number 3. Notable mention goes to Henry Lu at number 6 who won a gruelling 3 set singles match.

This meant that overall SPOC retained the intercol trophy, defeating PAOC 7-2, which is a terrific result from all involved.

2021 Intercol Players:
Isaiah Luc (HWD 2015)
Kieren Ong (SHT 2010)
Justin Wong (FLL 2013)
Anson Lee (HWD 2014)
Henry Lu (DAC 2016)
Austen Lindsay (DAC 2020)
Ryan Dai (HWD 2020)
Marcus To (DAC 2020)

Isaiah Luc (HWD 2015)

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