Class of 1966 – 50 Year Reunion

Posted 19 DEC 2016

Because of the transition in the mid 1960's from matriculation in the fourth year of secondary schooling (on the old Leaving Certificate) to the fifth year, 1966 was an unusual year at Saints because it saw the departure of some boys who had started in the secondary school in 1961 and others who had started in the following year.

Consequently, the 50th year reunion of those who left the school in 1966 provided a real test of memory for faces and names from all those years ago.

On November 11th there was a relatively modest attendance of about twenty grown men whose lives had been incredibly diverse, unpredictable and challenging in the years between their school days and the present, who converged upon their old School.

A brief tour of the School grounds (minus the White City toilet block) led by the current Captain and Vice-Captain reminded us all of the enormously privileged school we had attended as well as alerting us to the changing character of the School.

The three boarding houses that were in operation in 1966 have been reduced to one, and students in years 7 and 8 are now largely educated in the recently renovated New School House premises away from the Preparatory School and the Senior School.

Our collective memories could not recall any female teachers in the Senior School in 1966 but there is now a significant presence which must be beneficial to the boys who are still educated in a single sex environment.

The enhanced diversity of the current curriculum relative to that on offer in 1966 was also apparent. Clearly the School is seeking to better equip its students for the much more complex world into which they will be entering.

The enjoyable finger food and drinks provided at the end of the tour were extended by the onset of a sudden and massive hail storm. That enabled more reminiscences to be shared and enhanced the enjoyment of those who had attended.

Simon Lane (FLL ’66)