The Association

St Peter’s Old Collegians is the Association for all old scholars of St Peter’s College.

St Peter’s Old Collegians (SPOC) was formed in 1870 and has more than 11,000 members living throughout Australia and the world. It is one of the oldest and largest old scholar communities in the world.

Our Purpose

St Peter’s Old Collegians exists to promote the interests and well-being of the School, provide a support network for old scholars, promote unity, good fellowship & tradition and to develop innovative ways to enable old scholars to fulfil their potential.

Our Values

We continue to hold and promote the values of the School

  • Truth
  • Respect
  • Service

SPOC Strategic Plan 2021-2026

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The history of the association is a long and interesting one, reflecting the history of the School that gave it life and which it strives to support. Whilst the association was formed in 1870 (incorporated 1871), the first Old Scholars’ Dinner was held in 1864. In the years to come, Old scholar dinners became a regular event and are now an annual tradition.

In the early 1900’s various branches outside Adelaide began to appear. There were functions in London, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Kalgoorlie, Broken Hill, Mount Gambier, Port Pirie, Wallaroo, Katanning, Southern Cross, Day Dawn and Kingscote. It is a feature of the Association’s early years that there was strong representation in rural communities as boarders formed a large proportion of the overall School population.

Although our spiritual and administrative home remains in Adelaide, branches continue to play an important role with numerous regional, interstate and international reunions and events hosted annually.

Sport has played a central role in the lives of old scholars. The Football Club (formed 1928), the Cricket Club (formed 1932) and the Athletics Club (formed 1946) are the oldest and most traditional of the St Peter’s Old Collegians’ sporting clubs. As the range of sports on offer at the School increased, clubs for soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, badminton and water polo were formed. The Blackmore Club, consisting mainly of old scholars who support rowing at Saints, was established in 1989.

Today, there are more than 11,000 old scholars living all over the world.

Our Constitution

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Life membership

Membership to St Peter’s Old Collegians is for life. Collegians who have attended the School for at least four consecutive school terms are eligible for Membership to the Association. Subscription is paid upon enrolment to the School.

Upon leaving School, each student joins an inspiring and diverse community of old scholars from all over the world. We encourage you to become an active member of this global network which has the potential to open doors for you and provide you with opportunities throughout your life.

Members can stay connected and engaged with the Association and the School through the enjoyment of old scholar news, attendance at reunions and events, and involvement with SPOC sporting clubs.

Build your network and stay connected with the Saints community.


SPOC is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers who give up their time to create opportunities for old scholars to keep in touch with the School and each other.

The Association’s General Committee is comprised of ten elected members, ten Sporting Club representatives, and ex officio members; namely the Headmaster. The Executive Committee comprising the ten elected members meets on alternate months. All members of the Association are eligible to be nominated for the Committee and elections are held yearly at the Annual General Meeting.

Please contact the Secretary for nomination forms.

Executive Committee Members

Oren Klemich (DAC 1978)
Oliver Sheahan (HWK 2007)
Andrew Jonats (YNG 1987)
Tony Keynes (SCH 1970)
Committee Member
Jonathan Bowden (YNG 2003)
Committee Member
Philip Marshall (SHT 1964)
Committee Member
Jon Silcock (YNG 1981)
Committee Member
Paul Willoughby (HWK 1964)
Committee Member
Peter Gao (WDK 2000)
Committee Member
Kristian Livolsi (MAC 1994)
Committee Member
Bianca Harms

Sporting Club Representatives

Tony Keynes (SCH 1970)
Isaiah Luc (HWD 2015)
William Strangways (HWK 1957)
Philip Marshall (SHT 1964)
The Blackmore Club
Sam Wheaton (SCH 2002)
Bruce Frayne (WDK 1976)
Guy Roberts (WDK 1979)
David Ogilvie (S&A 2010)
Daniel Cardone
Anis Pakrou (YNG 2016)
James Powers (HWD 2011)
Water Polo