Berry Funeral Directors: Caring For Families During Uneasy Times

Posted 30 APR 2020
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Berry Funeral Directors are continuing to help families find the most appropriate ways to farewell their loved ones during the unprecedented Coronavirus situation.

Whilst the regular rituals of funerals are in many ways not available at the moment, the present situation we find ourselves in makes it even more important that the close of a chapter in a family’s life is recognised. The restrictions imposed on funerals and on gatherings in general have unquestionably caused angst and further grief as decisions as to who can, or cannot, attend services are made.

These restrictions have, however, facilitated further moves into the technological aspects of funerals, and these changes will benefit families even after restrictions are lessened and lifted. Berry’s ongoing project towards built-in live-streaming capability into the chapels to complement the recording of services has been fast-tracked and many families are now making use of this facility and finding it goes some way toward easing the pain of notably absent family and friends.

Within the restrictions imposed our Consultants are guiding families to the best way they can pay tribute during this time. This may include a self-led gathering in one of our chapels; a more formal service streamed to those unable to attend; a service at graveside; or having some family members or close friends attend the viewing time to say their farewells then, allowing others to attend the funeral itself. Our website,, offers the opportunity in many cases for messages of tribute or condolence to be offered. Many families are looking forward to a time in the future when they can celebrate their loved one in a larger setting, whether that be a formal service or other gathering. We look forward to assisting many of these families at that time.

As with so many parts of our world at the moment there is no guidebook for how things work. Our commitment is to our families and our community, continuing to provide them with the utmost care, quality facilities, and four generations of experience guiding us. Our Consultants are, as always, available 24 hours.

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